Shopcinity – Looking Your Best Just Got Easier

Leverage Your Store Presence In a Digital World

Your Gateway to the new age digital shopper

Join a shopping platform that connects consumers based on how customers discover products in the real world – Visually!

Benefits of Shopcinity

Increase Sales

Drive sales and footfall to your online and offline stores via a single platform

Track ROI

You only pay for the sales and leads sent to you, making it easy to justify and see the impact Shopcinity provides to your bottom line

Targeted Offers

Target offers and your products to consumers based on their location, preferences and tastes – increasing quality of customers

Brand Exposure

Expose your brand and products across all stages of the consumer buying process

Zero upfront costs

There are no fees or hidden costs to get started, you pay when you make a sale.

Light Touch

Shopcinity requires little to no integration to your eCommerce and PoS systems. All we need is your product data feed and an email address to get started.


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