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Outerwear Trends for Autumn 2016

September 2nd, 2016 Posted by Blog, Trends, Women No Comment yet

As the summer draws close to an end, fashion enthusiast alike will start flocking to wherever they’ll find the latest autumn trends.

This season, there’s plenty to choose from. What better way to celebrate the brisk autumn weather than in a 70’s inspired petticoat in vintage print and brilliant color? Those may be tricky to find, but with the Shopcinity app, all things fashion is a possibility. It will help you find those creative autumn coats and even those eclectic houndstooth pencil skirts that will be all the rage for pre-autum.

Another great textile and fashion trend for the season is dark velvet.

Dark velvet bomber jackets and boots will become very popular, but tricky to find. Use the Shopcinity app to find velvet pieces in berry tones, black, and rich green shades. Minimalist designs with over-sized silhouettes will be in abundance for fall as well. The most popular look will be solid charcoal and gray shades; clean lines, simple cuts, and masculine silhouettes will be highly sought after. Relaxed tailored coats in brown, tan, chocolate and white cream shades are trending for fall too. These pieces come in a variety of weights for layering and styling with pleated skirts and tailored pants.


The trends this season are new, but some are more of additions to the regular autumn classics. The color palettes very, and incorporate shades to suite everyone’s taste level. The popular coats will have vintage silhouettes with maybe a creative spine on houndstooth patterns and checks. Yes, there is much to choose from, but again the Shopcinity app makes shopping easier!


Looking Good in Paris

August 23rd, 2016 Posted by Men, Trends, Women No Comment yet
Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion definitely has a powerful impact on the clothing industry. Looking good in Paris should come easy. The fashion savvy Parisian has all the right clothing pieces for staying stylish and unique!

What’s hot on Paris streets is undeniable.

For the young ladies’ market, simplistic full silhouettes are dominating the scene. The women of Paris are opting for lightweight fabrics such as denim chambray, soft cotton, and linen. The shirt dress, two piece set, and “billowy” romper in loose “breezy” fabrics are the go to for Paris fashionistas.

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Accessories are minimal too; sunglasses are black, and the shoes are either comfortable flats or 3 inch strappy heels. With these casual looks comes neutral shades such as tan, white, mocha, and sand.

For the men of Paris, it’s evident the relaxed look is trending too.

This summer they are wearing classic front-pleated pants in comfortable fabrics with the pant legs cropped, rolled up, or tapered.


The preferred tops for them are either the classic crew neck shirt or vintage tee. Their footwear includes comfortable converse or preferred sneakers in combination with statement glasses and creative hats.


Less is definitely more this season in Paris.

These looks are easy to find at Shopcinity – Let us help you discover fashion using your fav pics.


The Classic Trench Coat

August 22nd, 2016 Posted by Men, Trends, Women No Comment yet

For men and women, a trench coat is a key essential to a wardrobe. In terms of combinations, you can do so much. The trench has the classic Khaki fabric, with versatile closures. The buttons and belts on the trench lend so much opportunity in styling. The trench is classic, but has recently experienced and update in terms of proportions and design features.

Classic Trench Coat

The trench coat is a fashion item that can suit anyone’s taste level. The looser fits tend to work well for a more sophisticated style aesthetic, while the more creative trenches with layered collars and lengthy sleeves are more popular for the juniors’ market.

Short Trench Coat: uniqlo

John Lewis Trench Coat

The varying lengths of the trench coat matter very much in terms of formality and functionality. The shorter lengths do better for trendsetters who strive for comfort, yet still aim to show their stylish jeans, designers dresses, shorts, skirts, and even fitted leggings.

Creatively styling a trench is easy too; a simple button down shirt, pencil skirt, and black stockings is all you need this Fall to create a stunning look.

Men have options in styling too. Layering is very popular in menswear, and a lightweight trench makes it easy. The trench is stylish and in demand!


Shoes to Die For!

July 29th, 2016 Posted by Blog, Trends No Comment yet

The shoe collections for 2016 have become more inspirational as the summer winds downs. Most designs are inspired by the seasons before it. One example of that is the classic gladiator sandals. Its versatility is limitless, but the twist is what makes it this summers’ go to foot candy. Pompoms mixed with colorful embroidery and tribal inspired prints are highly sought after. Knotted and tied uppers on platform and dress shoes are also gaining momentum.

source: Forever21

Quick fashion retailers such as H&M, Topshop, and Forever 21 carry affordable versions of this sandal and in a wide range of silhouettes. The flat espadrilles are also making its iconic presence known, with its incorporation of emoji, text images, sea themes, and funny slogans. Comfort is key, but there are just as many looks available for formal wear as well.

source: H&M, Topshop

The pointed or “ballet” inspired flat strappy lace up shoe represents sleek comfort. The laser-cut leather styles are the most popular for young ladies; in solid color, neutral tones, and floral prints. Ghillie lacing is also popular for high heeled formal foot. Another unconventional trend for formal footwear is white sneakers. Solid, off white, clean as a whistle sneakers have made an impact on the urban and party scene. Exclusive parties feature young socialites sporting designer styles with off white sneakers for an effortless upscale look. These looks go fast, but will give you access to what’s hot and trending for the season.

Here are some other footwear to inspire,

source: H&M, Topshop, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti