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Outerwear Trends for Autumn 2016

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As the summer draws close to an end, fashion enthusiast alike will start flocking to wherever they’ll find the latest autumn trends.

This season, there’s plenty to choose from. What better way to celebrate the brisk autumn weather than in a 70’s inspired petticoat in vintage print and brilliant color? Those may be tricky to find, but with the Shopcinity app, all things fashion is a possibility. It will help you find those creative autumn coats and even those eclectic houndstooth pencil skirts that will be all the rage for pre-autum.

Another great textile and fashion trend for the season is dark velvet.

Dark velvet bomber jackets and boots will become very popular, but tricky to find. Use the Shopcinity app to find velvet pieces in berry tones, black, and rich green shades. Minimalist designs with over-sized silhouettes will be in abundance for fall as well. The most popular look will be solid charcoal and gray shades; clean lines, simple cuts, and masculine silhouettes will be highly sought after. Relaxed tailored coats in brown, tan, chocolate and white cream shades are trending for fall too. These pieces come in a variety of weights for layering and styling with pleated skirts and tailored pants.


The trends this season are new, but some are more of additions to the regular autumn classics. The color palettes very, and incorporate shades to suite everyone’s taste level. The popular coats will have vintage silhouettes with maybe a creative spine on houndstooth patterns and checks. Yes, there is much to choose from, but again the Shopcinity app makes shopping easier!


Shoes to Die For!

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The shoe collections for 2016 have become more inspirational as the summer winds downs. Most designs are inspired by the seasons before it. One example of that is the classic gladiator sandals. Its versatility is limitless, but the twist is what makes it this summers’ go to foot candy. Pompoms mixed with colorful embroidery and tribal inspired prints are highly sought after. Knotted and tied uppers on platform and dress shoes are also gaining momentum.

source: Forever21

Quick fashion retailers such as H&M, Topshop, and Forever 21 carry affordable versions of this sandal and in a wide range of silhouettes. The flat espadrilles are also making its iconic presence known, with its incorporation of emoji, text images, sea themes, and funny slogans. Comfort is key, but there are just as many looks available for formal wear as well.

source: H&M, Topshop

The pointed or “ballet” inspired flat strappy lace up shoe represents sleek comfort. The laser-cut leather styles are the most popular for young ladies; in solid color, neutral tones, and floral prints. Ghillie lacing is also popular for high heeled formal foot. Another unconventional trend for formal footwear is white sneakers. Solid, off white, clean as a whistle sneakers have made an impact on the urban and party scene. Exclusive parties feature young socialites sporting designer styles with off white sneakers for an effortless upscale look. These looks go fast, but will give you access to what’s hot and trending for the season.

Here are some other footwear to inspire,

source: H&M, Topshop, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti


All about denim

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White denim is an absolute must for the summer season. This year Spring/Summer 2016, it’s all about silhouette. Getting the perfect pair of chic, versatile, and ultra-cool white denim jeans is about finding the right pair to uk%2FMens%2FAccessories%2FWallets%2FKORNING-Metal-corner-coin-wallet-Chocolate%2FXS5M_KORNING_22-CHOCOLATE_1.jpgfit your form. There are currently five designs in particular that seem to be sweeping the runways and the streets.

The first style worth mentioning is the flare cut. The flare style jeans have officially replaced to boot cut design due to the popularity of vintage inspired themes. High rise or high waist jeans are also popular due to the revival of vintage styles influenced by popular celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Beyoncé. The all American cropped and tapered denim had an unexpected boost in sales for retail due to the versatility in the length; it’s a great pair of jeans to show off statement footwear such as stiletto strappy sandals and custom made converse tennis shoes. Lose fit jeans are the final of the 5th most popular denim style of the season. Reworked 1990’s inspired wide legged lose fitted denim is currently the go to for casual wear in the junior’s market.


6164079406_2_3_1 ALLPAGES_03 c20160125-ww-catbanners-denim-6_DNT Mom_JEans_04 Joni_Jeans_Blank_03 l01og981503w

Images sourced: River Island, Levi’s, TopShop, New Look

Yes, White denim pants in a variety of the most popular cuts are available and trending for the season. There are endless possibilities for white denim. Whether you’re formal or casually dressing for an event, there is never a shortage of inspiration.

celebrities-in-white-jeans-2 celebrities-in-white-jeans-13 

White Hot: 12 Fresh Flicks of Celebrities in White Jeans





Accessories for Summer 2016

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This seasons accessories for women are all about natural artisanal beauty. Tassels and handcrafted items have been a constant in quick fashion stores such as H&M and Forever21. Bold colors with, striped or patch worked designs add a folkloric feel to the mundane belt, necklace, and earrings.

Bags for women are simplistic in design and color for Summer 2016 as well. The summer color palettes consist of pink, white, brown, and even tan leather. Shoulder bags in the image of sacks and satchels have been in high demand also for casual wear in juniors’ fashion. Embellishments such as shells or beading add irresistible air loom quality to clutches and shoulder bags. These trends have an effortless style aesthetic which appeals to young and career oriented women alike, with busy schedules and active social lives.


Examples from H&M, F21, Zara, Reiss and Mango

For men; tribal inspired prints combined with army color palettes have great potential for this season. Summer shoes in the form of espadrilles and boat styles have been trending heavily for Summer 2016, and in hues of pastel, charcoal, and grey tones. Straw hats, and bags with 1950’s inspired silhouettes are popular in the juniors’ market for men. Sun-bleached beach accessories and graphic print sunglasses have been trending for eyewear with mirror and dark lens styles. The 1970’s vintage aesthetics is also coming back in the form of neckerchiefs which off sets the bandanna trend in womenswear. In terms of patterns; tropical prints, and kitsch designs are big on book bags, and pocket handkerchiefs. Lastly, woven leather is in high demand. Leather woven style textiles in brown, black, and even white are popular for mens’ sandals, watches, and even wallets.


Examples from River Island, Zara and Mango

This seasons accessories have subtle colors and creative design flare. The best way to choose what’s right for you is to understand your style essence. There are lots of vintage inspired pieces that will give you versatility in style.



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As we step into a new season the time has come when we all need to start thinking about our image for the summer, be it for a trip, to revamp our wardrobe, the chance to show of our new physic that we have been working on for the past three months or just to let people know that yes, we still gat it. That is where fashion comes in just like other areas in your life, there must be order and perfection.



Fashion to some are just clothes that should be worn to cover one’s nudity, but having such a monotonous conception only brings about the demise of a tool given to accentuate beauty on the inside and out.

Fashion has no goal, it has no authority and it is not superficial, the power is left to the owner to decode and rebuild in order to express one’s inner beauty. It is a force for empowerment , comfort, functionality and individualism. Let us not be mistaken to dwell on negative beliefs about something that has been around since the beginning and has shaped communities. Aphrodite message to us is that fashion is just another synonym for love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

Ancient Egyptians mostly wore lightweight linen made from flax plant due to the hot weather in a variety of colours, adorned with precious gems and jewels, the fashion was not only for beauty but also for comfort.

Clothing of ancient Greece mainly consist  of the chiton, peplos, himation and chlamys. Both men and women wore two piece of homemade clothing of linen, wool and secured with ornaments clasps or pin, and a belt or girdle.

Modern times brought about influential designers such as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Mixed with a multicultural society, individuals are more expressive with their physical appearance pulling out key pieces from leading fashion conglomerates.


Though let us not deny the fact we all need some inspiration, here are some street styles from major fashion cities.



Being the capital of one of the most successful economy in the world, London attracts all manner of people, religious groups, educational institutions, as well as it is a business central. All these and more are part of the influences of London’s street style which has been built up from the ages through it’s inhabitants, and has been adopted by major designers to create garments with cultural heritage.

hbz-lfw-ss16-street-style-day-1-21 1020 (3) Maatje Verhoef. DZ

hbz-street-style-london-ss2016-day2-24 1020 (1) 1020 1620 (1) db7000ba1adb7ea51c4227a9dfd0240a Elisabeth Faber. Diego Zuko hbz-lfw-ss16-street-style-day-1-05 hbz-lfw-ss16-street-style-day-1-26 hbz-street-style-lfw-ss2016-day3-01 hbz-street-style-london-ss2016-day2-07 photographed by Robert Z hbz-lfw-ss16-street-style-day-1-08



A metropolis in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, it is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange, it’s a financial hub also known for its high-end dining and shopping. Housing Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco “The Last Supper”, Milan is a city with centuries of art and culture.

17-mfw-street-style-fw-16-day-1 hbz-mfw-ss16-street-style-day-4-06 hbz-street-style-milan-ss2016-day5-34 hbz-street-style-milan-ss2016-day5-40 mfw-street-day3-7 01-mfw-street-style-day-6-fw16 09-mfw-street-style-fw-16-day-1 12-phil-oh-street-style-milan-rtw-fall-2016 hbz-street-style-milan-ss2016-day5-09 hbz-street-style-milan-ss2016-day5-16 hbz-street-style-milan-ss2016-day5-31 mfw-street-day3-51


New York

Home to the Empire State Building, Time Square, Statue of Liberty and other iconic sites. New York has a long history of major events, crime, sports, art and music. New York City organised crime families of the Italian American Mafia such as the Bonanno and Massino family had major influence in the street style with the felt fedora style. Also let us not forget the Punk Rock revolution between 1974 and 1976 that became a cultural phenomenon.

nyfwm7 nyfwm23 nyfwm36 ss16MENMFW19 ss16menmfw42 ss16parismenfw6 nyfwm2 nyfwm12 nyfwm18 nyfwm25 nyfwm29 nyfwm30 ss16MENMFW26 ss16menmfw34 ss16parismenfw48




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Tommy Hilfiger announce they would be moving towards “see now, buy now” model regarding their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Also high end brands such as Burberry and Tom Ford are adopting this model aligning their runway and retail calendar to deliver instant gratification to customer.


Where is the fashion business heading?

The fashion system currently operates firstly as a runway collection which can be viewed almost instantaneously online and through publications, but consumers are unable to purchase from the collection till about four to six months down the line when available at retail outlets.

A downside to this system is that it gives high street brands also known as “fast fashion” the opportunity to replicate the pieces at a much cheaper price in less than a month, furthermore consumers loses excitement after a couple of months and as fashion is always moving forward now at a much faster rate it means demand would also drop.

Christopher Bailey (Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer of Burberry) stated that the move is a step forward due to the fact that Burberry is a global brand and they have to cater to consumers within different climate. Also the collection would be called February and September rather than what we currently know as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.


tom-ford-spring-2016-rtw-01 tom-ford-spring-2016-rtw-02 BUY NOW.



The announcement has created controversy within the whole fashion industry including consumers. Some believe it would be a great move as the collection would be delivered in time still capturing the consumer’s excitement and interest. Others do not agree, firstly because consumers would lose their decision power as only professional buyers would be allowed to view the collection in fear of design leaks.

Although the shift have some strong arguments, with great decisions comes great consequences. Creativity might be hampered due to lack of artistic innovation, the supply chain would be disrupted, emerging designers would lack the opportunity to strengthen their brand and the industry might just fall into the trap of fast fashion.


Who might benefit?

Despite the controversy it has the potential to open up new opportunities for brands, suppliers and retailers to work more efficiently. Knitwear company Unmade is now using new technology to significantly increase production speed, orders are produced to coincide with demand and shipped immediately which in turn should reduce cost.

From a consumer prospective would it not be nice to buy from a collection after the runway show? Having the latest bag from DE GRIS or the Goth inspired look from Ashley Williams? The industry might be in two minds but consumers have a “I see, I want, I buy now” mentality, not “see now, buy four months later”.

Whatever the case may be we would always be looking forward to the next innovative, creative and inspiring collections.



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Where are you hiding?

Ever wondered where to buy a flapper dress, or handmade straw sun hat to match your bohemian style, or a ring made of carbon fibre and African rosewood? These are the questions some ask when looking for a specific product and this is where niche brands come to play.

A Niche brand is one that specialises in specific products, meeting the needs of customers in a particular market, their price range and production quality.


Where to look

London being a major fashion city has given growth to the ‘creative industry’ attracting trend setters and places such as Camden, Shoreditch, and Brick Lane are swamped with anything authentic.

In Paris the flea markets can be the highlight of a trip as places such as Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt (St-Ouen flea market), Puces de Vanves and Montreuil are bound to rattle your wallet with something truly creative. But the internet has created an unlimited platform attracting niche brands to sites such as Etsy, eBay, and Depop, as well as brand own sites. Another way niche brands have promoted themselves successfully is through major brands via collaborations i.e. Mi Pac and Topman.


Niche Brands

To help you get started we have selected some brands that provide niche products in their collection.




Foxhall London is a UK based company operating at Covent Garden, the brand name derived from what we now know as Vauxhall but around 1216 it was once called Fox Hall. Specialising in menswear to uphold the urban lifestyle, the products are for functionality as well as utility such as no mental on ski jackets due to the cold temperature. It’s factories are in Italy and most products made are of limited edition, Foxhall London are known for their high quality Navy Crew T-shirt made of lightweight premium cotton jersey or The Polo Slayer with dropped shoulders to accentuates the masculinity of the shoulder line.



2nd1 2nd2 2nd3

2nd Street Ring Craft specialises in rings made of wood, stone and metal. All products are crafted by hand using centuries old techniques, its unique method and materials will not be found with other rings. For example the Santos Rosewood and Carbon Fibre ring is made using aerospace grade carbon fibre and natural wood without dye or stains and then coated for scratch resistant.




London Undercover is British brand established by Jamie Milestone in 2008. His idea is to reinvent the disposable ‘last-minute’ item and turn around the ideology of the umbrella and return it to its rightful position as a fashion accessory. With age-old techniques, London Underground continues to support its range with a number of key luxury accessories such as raincoat, belt, wallet and hat. Looking at the Khaki City Lux Umbrella, made of Malacca wood handle and beech wood shaft, silver tip cup and spokes, leather and brass fastener and height of 92.5cm. Each product is specially created for both ladies and gentlemen using only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship.


Most high street brands are now ‘fast fashion’ due to the nature of the ever changing competitive market, niche brands offer creativity, quality and authenticity. Next time you are browsing in store or online, you might want to ask yourself, IS THIS LIMITED EDITION?

Finding the right product can be exhausting and even more frustrating when you realise they are out of stock or the size you need is not available at that branch. The Shopcinity upcoming app eases this problem by providing a service where one can take a picture of a product or scan the barcode to retrieve information on where else the product is available, and offer similar products based on design.

The world of fashion is getting complicated; stand out with the right attitude, fashion and technology – Signup to Shopcinity and simplify your fashion whilst staying unique.



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To buy or not to buy?

What is more important than buying the latest products from Jimmy Choo to spice up your new season wardrobe, or that new tailored suit for that all important business meeting or that extra special event? The shopping experience.

A great shopping experience should always leave you pumped up or at least content over your new purchase. Though in some cases, it can leave you physically and often financially drained. This isn’t the way to go as shopping has always meant to be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Brands will often focus on their shopping experience in order to make the experience pleasurable.

How do brands influence this shopping experience?

The most classic example would be the store window display which is usually a customer’s first contact with a brand before they even enter the store. The staff, the theatrical display of the latest products on the mannequins or even the promotions on offer are all at play. A customer’s shopping experience is the product of an interaction between the customer and the brand. Attraction, discovery, awareness, patronage and purchase should always be taken into consideration during the customer-brand relationship, as a customer’s perception of a brand is formed consciously and subconsciously.

Shop A may do this one thing whilst shop B does that other thing, but I’d rather go with shop C as they do this, that and the other, all in one. Basically you need to impress your customers in order to retain and convert to sale – and the experience is at the heart of this.

Visual Merchandising and In-Store Experience

Visual merchandising has been and still is one of the more important aspects of a store. Many brands have no fear in going the extra mile to create an immersive shopping experience, as they’re all so aware of the positive effects it has on attracting customers and creating a brand loyalty.

Looking at some examples.


In 2015, Topman collaborated with Nick Grimshaw for the launch of a new product range at their flagship Oxford Circus store. The launch was turned into an event with a live DJ, a personalised service where you could design your own sunglasses as well as t-shirts, and a VIP party.


Topman’s in store experience surpassed that of their usual experience. The live music being mixed gave the store a club atmosphere, adding to this air of fun as the DJ entertained the customers with live music at the centre of the first floor, chairs were laid out and drinks were provided making it a mini concert in the heart of oxford street – Imagine the surprise and aww a new customer can experience if this is first time in a Topman store.


Another great example is Burberry. As a high end retailer, they do not fall short of expectations and they do not follow suit but remain classic with their approach to visual merchandising. Burberry knows how to set the tone with quality and class, flying mannequins, life size trees made of Burberry bags, and striking campaign images to elevate the products. The props they use are made to strike a conversation.

Products are neatly folded and feel too good to touch but that is part of the experience because when you buy Burberry you buy the experience.





Window display




Selfridges window display is another to talk about, constantly changing tapping into all form of creativity. It has become a main attraction for tourist and passes-by. Above are some recent displays. This is an example of when good shopping experience pans out from offline to online as customers are bound to share images on social sites mixing technology with their shopping experience – a direction that is going to increase due to the leverage online has to spread a message.

As we can see the customer experience can certainly help with the attraction, discovery, awareness, of a brand and it’s product, but this doesn’t always lead to a purchase, for this, retailers need to go over and beyond to connect the dots between what a customer sees and what they don’t buy. But the question still stands, how do you connect this experience after the store visit to ensure the customer has all the information needed to easily complete the purchase when ready or better still remain in mind when the customer is ready to purchase?

These are questions some brands are actively looking at and Shopcinity is working on answering this question, through a mobile app where customers can scan and store products onto a single wish list that gives them access to all the products they are interested in order to revisit or purchase at their own convenience. Alongside this, customers get personalised offers based on their needs and situations with notifications about the availability of the products in nearby stores, price and other similar notifications. These are just some of the services Shopcinity offers with its upcoming app. So watch this space.

So it’s time to amplify your shopping experience!

Keep to date on facebook, twitter, and sign up at



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February 18th – 23rd


“Through new eyes”

London fashion week was set in motion on Thursday with London College of Fashion MA16 Catwalk show, Fashion Utopia lunch party, and a celebration for a unique collaboration with Marks and Spencer. Attracting the likes of Alexa Chung, Noami Campbell, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and Sam Smith was spotted in the front row (just to mention a few).


Seeing the collection from great designers for spring summer and autumn winter can take you to another realm of tranquillity, designs catering to every spectrum of social groups (bear in mind LFW is 99% women’s wear) but,

What is fashion if not a way to express our individualism and liberate ourselves?

There were some great works from top designer such as Cavla Pontes, Moon Lee, Ellis White, Anhha, By Sun and many more (if you want that one special hand bag this year then check out DE GRIS collection). We also saw Alexander McQueen return to LFW after a decade, his collections are known for their emotional power and raw energy, have a look at some of his wonderful collections and some others,

Alexander McQueen

Alexandra Moura

Alexandra Moura

Vivienne Westwood is another to talk about, being one of the last global fashion company in the world she continues to capture the imagination with traditional Savile Row tailoring techniques, using British fabrics and 17th and 18th century art for inspiration.

Vivienne Westwood

Global Event – London Fashion Diversity

Fashion week is a global even but there is something about London that attracts more diversity in fashion and encourages individuals to be more adventurous and creative,

“I think the reason I felt I belonged to London was because nobody belongs to London – everyone is so different and individual that it accepts everybody”.

  • Charlie Craggs

In saying so London Fashion Week does attract the ‘Peacocks’, these are the ones that showcase their feathers just to be seen and photographed with grandiose outfits (but actually look like cheap fabric). See below as for an example,


London Fashion Week has come a long way, first taking place in 1984 it now attracts over 5,000 press and buyers and is estimated to contribute towards £46 billion of the UK fashion industry. (London Fashion Week & British Fashion Industry Facts & Figures AW2015). Which has come at a price as LFW is losing its authenticity being a pilgrimage for top designers, artist, celebrities and press by invite only, with limited media sources having access to document the event meaning fewer access to view or read about the show,but now the doors are open a bit more wider. Whatever fashion week has to offer we look forward to seeing great work from designers literally warping the reality of fashion.

Check out more amazing designers on


Can retailers adapt to the empowered consumer? 

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I have been working on my company for over 8 months now. The main emphasis of Shopcinity has always been to provide information to help the consumer shop better. The key part in this statement is “Information” specifically stock and availability information.

As I have worked and developed the idea further, I have come to realise how much power consumers want, and how this thirst for information is changing the very nature of the way brands and retailers engage with the consumer. This of course is creating a challenge for the retailers as they need to keep up, understand and feed this thirst for information. A challenge where if not taken and solved can mean more store closures and those dreaded closing down sales.

We are in the age of “consumer empowerment”, where, rather than sitting passively and having advertisings come at them, consumers are now actively, with the introduction of new technologies, seeking, researching, discovering and reviewing what, how and where to buy from, long before setting foot in a store or clicking on the buy now button. This means the retailer has to provide the necessary information in the users hands at the right time in order drive them to their store, without this, the customer will simply head to the competition that is just a few clicks away.

This change has put allot of retailers on the back foot, for example, you can now expect that in some scenario’s by the time the customer gets to the store, they know more about the product they want to purchase than the sales associate. Annoyingly for the retailers, as this has damaging effects to the brand. For the consumer, there is nothing more annoying than a sales associate who is not up to speed with the product they are trying to sell to you.

The once Golden Age

Of course this has not always been the case, there was once a time when consumers had limited information and choice, this resulted in dominance by corporates, where, the customer only had a selected few choices. If you where one of the lucky business to be in this “limited” choice, the customer was always guaranteed to knock on your doors before purchasing a product you sold. However, as illustrated by the diagram below, courtesy of kelloggs School of Management , this has changed from the once golden age to the new digital age.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 23.23.39

The image is self explanatory, however, it’s a clear indication as to the current landscape.

As political climate has changed in the favour of business along with technological advances, the consumer has been bombarded with more choice than ever before both locally and globally. This puts enormous amount of information in the consumer’s hands, and it’s only right that to decipher through all this choice, one does need to have the ability to filter through all the choice and information before coming to an informed decision – enter the smartphone. This has resulted in the customer having access to more information than what can be obtained from entering one single store. This has created phenomenas such as Showrooming and Webrooming!

Webrooming and Showrooming

For those wondering what these rooming words mean. Show rooming means customers who go into physical stores and with their mobile phones complete the purchase online; thus using the store as a “showroom” before making a purchase online.

Webrooming is the inverse of Showrooming, where the customer will find and research products online but complete the purchase in store.

For either of these trends it’s important that retailers embrace these trends rather than fight them. For example a retailer in Australia famously charged customers $5.00 for walking around the store and not buying. I think I would be safe not to bet on my house to see if this had a positive effect on sales.


The trends of Webrooming or Showrooming are simply a by product to the advances in business and technology, in order for customers to make sense of all the information and choice, we need to decipher all this information.

Let the customer decide where and how to shop.

Embracing the trend

Retailers that have embraced this empowered customer have seen sales increase, and leap ahead of the competition. For example retailers such as House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Topshop are leading this trend, for example, they all provide wifi to customers to allow further research whilst in store, but also arming sales staff with iPads and Mobile apps to tip the balance in the sales staff’s favour with more information than what the customer has access too.

I for one welcome such trends from these retailers, but of course one cannot underestimate the complexity in providing solutions that meet the customers demands, but the more retailers that follow this trend the better shopping experience for the consumer which in-turn can mean more sales for the retailers.