Shopcinity app launches today, but is there a need for another shopping app?

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Software is eating the world and shoppers are embracing technology at a rate like no other in history. All these tools and shopping apps are making us the most powerful set of customers to have ever graced the high street and surfed the web.

So is there a need for another shopping app?

The simple answer to that is a big resounding YES from the perspective of high street in-store shopping.

Why do we say this?

We’ve spoken to hundreds of customers and they all seem to agree with us saying, shopping online is great, but it can never surpass the gratification of touching, feeling, and trying items whilst in the store before they buy.

The in-store experience helps them identify and confirm things they like, and due to the fact that not all purchases can be made immediately in-store, it’s not always easy to turn these items of interest into purchases later on without the added hassle and time constraints. Customers will either mentally save these items or take picture or write down product numbers in the hope of using this information to find and buy the items later.

So in reality how well does this work?

Not great really, the most likely answer, if they have the time, is to arm themselves with the perfect mental memory, scribbled product numbers, or use pictures of items and religiously troll through website after website, or take chances and head to the store with the hope of finding availability in the store they decide to go to, but we all know in most cases this can be a tedious task so they just stop and either find something else or delay it further.

For the retailer this is and can be a truly lost opportunity, not only a sales opportunity but an opportunity to communicate with the customer.

Talking to customers it became clear to me, and my team, that there is a need to simplify the shopping experience for customers to help them capture this interest whilst in store or out and about, and make it easily accessible when ready to purchase.

For these reasons we’ve built the Shopcinity App and I’m very pleased to announce the Launch of our public beta version of the app on the apple app store.

The core focus of Shopcinity is to let you:

  1. Capture items that catch the eye by taking a quick photo or entering a URL of a product you like and want to save.
  2. Watch the items you love, we’ll let you add the exact item or something similar to your watch list. Shopcinity will then notifying you with constant updates if and when items change price, come back in stock or we discover other similar items that might be right for you.
  3. For items you want, you have the freedom and time to decide to Bag at the right price all in one single place.

The app is now available for download on the Itunes store, We’d love you to download, give it a try and let us hear your feedback.


We are also looking for forward looking retailers to partner with, so if interested in finding new ways how to engage with your in store customers please do get in touch at or check us out

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