Shoes to Die For!

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The shoe collections for 2016 have become more inspirational as the summer winds downs. Most designs are inspired by the seasons before it. One example of that is the classic gladiator sandals. Its versatility is limitless, but the twist is what makes it this summers’ go to foot candy. Pompoms mixed with colorful embroidery and tribal inspired prints are highly sought after. Knotted and tied uppers on platform and dress shoes are also gaining momentum.

source: Forever21

Quick fashion retailers such as H&M, Topshop, and Forever 21 carry affordable versions of this sandal and in a wide range of silhouettes. The flat espadrilles are also making its iconic presence known, with its incorporation of emoji, text images, sea themes, and funny slogans. Comfort is key, but there are just as many looks available for formal wear as well.

source: H&M, Topshop

The pointed or “ballet” inspired flat strappy lace up shoe represents sleek comfort. The laser-cut leather styles are the most popular for young ladies; in solid color, neutral tones, and floral prints. Ghillie lacing is also popular for high heeled formal foot. Another unconventional trend for formal footwear is white sneakers. Solid, off white, clean as a whistle sneakers have made an impact on the urban and party scene. Exclusive parties feature young socialites sporting designer styles with off white sneakers for an effortless upscale look. These looks go fast, but will give you access to what’s hot and trending for the season.

Here are some other footwear to inspire,

source: H&M, Topshop, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti

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