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Where are you hiding?

Ever wondered where to buy a flapper dress, or handmade straw sun hat to match your bohemian style, or a ring made of carbon fibre and African rosewood? These are the questions some ask when looking for a specific product and this is where niche brands come to play.

A Niche brand is one that specialises in specific products, meeting the needs of customers in a particular market, their price range and production quality.


Where to look

London being a major fashion city has given growth to the ‘creative industry’ attracting trend setters and places such as Camden, Shoreditch, and Brick Lane are swamped with anything authentic.

In Paris the flea markets can be the highlight of a trip as places such as Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt (St-Ouen flea market), Puces de Vanves and Montreuil are bound to rattle your wallet with something truly creative. But the internet has created an unlimited platform attracting niche brands to sites such as Etsy, eBay, and Depop, as well as brand own sites. Another way niche brands have promoted themselves successfully is through major brands via collaborations i.e. Mi Pac and Topman.


Niche Brands

To help you get started we have selected some brands that provide niche products in their collection.




Foxhall London is a UK based company operating at Covent Garden, the brand name derived from what we now know as Vauxhall but around 1216 it was once called Fox Hall. Specialising in menswear to uphold the urban lifestyle, the products are for functionality as well as utility such as no mental on ski jackets due to the cold temperature. It’s factories are in Italy and most products made are of limited edition, Foxhall London are known for their high quality Navy Crew T-shirt made of lightweight premium cotton jersey or The Polo Slayer with dropped shoulders to accentuates the masculinity of the shoulder line.



2nd1 2nd2 2nd3

2nd Street Ring Craft specialises in rings made of wood, stone and metal. All products are crafted by hand using centuries old techniques, its unique method and materials will not be found with other rings. For example the Santos Rosewood and Carbon Fibre ring is made using aerospace grade carbon fibre and natural wood without dye or stains and then coated for scratch resistant.




London Undercover is British brand established by Jamie Milestone in 2008. His idea is to reinvent the disposable ‘last-minute’ item and turn around the ideology of the umbrella and return it to its rightful position as a fashion accessory. With age-old techniques, London Underground continues to support its range with a number of key luxury accessories such as raincoat, belt, wallet and hat. Looking at the Khaki City Lux Umbrella, made of Malacca wood handle and beech wood shaft, silver tip cup and spokes, leather and brass fastener and height of 92.5cm. Each product is specially created for both ladies and gentlemen using only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship.


Most high street brands are now ‘fast fashion’ due to the nature of the ever changing competitive market, niche brands offer creativity, quality and authenticity. Next time you are browsing in store or online, you might want to ask yourself, IS THIS LIMITED EDITION?

Finding the right product can be exhausting and even more frustrating when you realise they are out of stock or the size you need is not available at that branch. The Shopcinity upcoming app eases this problem by providing a service where one can take a picture of a product or scan the barcode to retrieve information on where else the product is available, and offer similar products based on design.

The world of fashion is getting complicated; stand out with the right attitude, fashion and technology – Signup to Shopcinity and simplify your fashion whilst staying unique.

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